My Worth, According to My Employer

Sorry everyone, this is much more of a rant post than I thought I would be posting here, but here it goes:

“What is the value of an employee?  I got my merit increase at work and was insulted by it.  4.01% increase is not what I call a raise, especially given that I had near perfect scores on my review.  It was explained that the cap is 4.01% and people who scored lower got around 2.5 – 3.0 %…  yikes!!!   Clearly I was expecting quite a bit more based on my review.  But Corporate America has taken over this company.  The Board of Directors get multi-million dollar bonuses, but I get a few hundred for the entire year for busting my butt.  Well, no more busting my butt! I will say that I am happy I got something.  I do recognize the effort of having an increase, so I don’t want to sound like a bugaboo.”

To tie this into yesterday’s post about solipsism, I will discuss some points of view. From my perspective, the only one that exists, my mind came up with this raise and so the question is, maybe I feel like I am only worth 4.01% more than last year. Why? I need to work on my imagination so that I can create a situation where the Board hands me a multi-million dollar raise.  Its food for thought in my reality!

However, looking at it from the Board’s perspective, they must see money as their primary catalyst.  This is why they get lots of it and screw the other guy.  From their perspective its just business and I am a working slave.  However, I will never truly know what is on their minds.  That is the part of solipsism that can’t be denied.



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