My Rant, 24hrs Later

Just thought I would revisit my previous “rant” post about my merit increase at work.  I will have to make it clear that I did receive a 40% pay increase when I took this position six months ago. I realize now that the guideline the company uses factors my previous increase.  Since I now have gotten 44.01% pay increase within the last six months, I don’t qualify for a larger raise this year.  This is why I am always careful about rants.  My reaction to the situation was unjustified and while I was disappointed in what I got, the reality of it was that I already received greater compensation than 95% of the others in the company. I do enjoy what I do and I work with great people.  This new position is really the first job I’ve truly enjoy.  Maybe I am consuming too much coffee and my emotions are exploding at a moment’s notice. More food for thought…   

In response to a comment left on my post “My Worth, According to my Employer,” the suggestion was to find another position in the company or find a position that pays more.   I totally agree. This suggestion is along the lines of Larry Winget‘s view of life.  His book “Shut Up, Stop Whining, and Get a Life,” says in a very straightforward manner that your problems are your own fault.  In terms of your job, if you don’t like, Mr. Winget says to quit and find something else.  Although, he does acknowledge that sometimes it is not that simple. 

For me, it isn’t that simple.  I can’t change positions due to a hiring freeze until late Q3.  I am “stuck” until then.  The other issue is that no other employer in town will pay anywhere near what I was making previously or what I am making now. 


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