Busy mind…

It’s been a few days since my last post. I have been busy at work and mentally challenge when I get home. It is amazing how much energy Excel can take out of you. I spent the day trying to understand the dynamics behind a change in how some data is collected. Are we adding more or just reallocating the same amount? How is business really doing? The numbers look good in one way, but looking at them by quarter, they start to suck. Anyway, a full of running reports and staring at charts can really fry a man’s brain.

I would like to point out two blogs that I frequent that have made a very positive impact in my life. Lifehacker is a site that seems to have a little bit of everything. From useful software to changing the oil in your car, to making your own toothpaste, it is amazing to see what they post next. The other one is The Simple Dollar, which is devoted to financial tips and hints. It has made me change the way I look at money and how I spend. Check out their book section for fantastic reviews of some helpful books.

I’ve discovered that I have an allergy to flax seed oil. A local paper had a recipe to an ideal breakfast shake with berries, rice, eggs, vitamin powder, and flax seed oil. Ever since I had some of it the other day, I’ve had a headache and been dizzy. I think I will try to substitute some coconut or fish oil in my future shakes.

That’s what is going on with my life at the moment. I am hoping to post something about Natural Capitalism in honor of Earth Week. We’ll see how my mind is tomorrow.


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