A New Paper Model Project

I enjoyed putting together the model ferry so much that I decided to find some more paper models to put together. For some reason, modern ships seem to excite me, so I surfed the net and found a few asian sites that offer free ship models. Over the weekend, I started putting a paper model of the “Sikinami“. I have no idea if the ship exists in reality, since the site I found it on only appears in question marks. Not to mention that this kit did not come with instructions. I surfed the net looking for references to “Sikinami” and couldn’t any good pictures. I decided not to let that stop me.

Here is a picture of the hull and deck, about to be put together.

Paper Model of the Sikinami, hull and deck

I started putting together the super-structure of the vessel, but it didn’t go together as easily as I hoped. I printed a second copy and experimented with the fit. I ultimately made a modification to the second level deck, which shouldn’t be too noticeable once the bridge is assembled and attached. Here’s a picture of the super-structure with modification:

Paper Model of the Sikinami, super-structure

And finally, a picture of the super-structure, minus bridge, on the deck. I photographed it on the watercolor diorama background I made for the ferry. It is starting to come together.

Paper Model on the Diorama

If anyone has any information about this vessel, please post a comment. I think it is an Asian research vessel, but I would love to know more about the real-life counterpart.



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