War on TV… I can make it.

Last night, the TV took over my time.  I sat around, watching TV and eating.  I think I put on a few pounds last night.  So, this evening, when I got home from work, the first thing I did was to plant some alyssum mix in a planter box.  I then decided that the TV must go.

I’ve been having issues with rodents eating everything outside; not only my veggie garden, but my car too!!!   So, I needed a sunny place indoors for some plants.  Then it struck me, the TV was occupying the ideal plant spot!  I disconnected the TV and put it in the corner(punishing it!), cleaned the top of the cabinet and placed my plants under the window.  Now, I have a variety of plants to look at and I can see outside better. (Cleaning the windows is a must this weekend.)   It already feels calmer in here, plus, I am going to have more home grown tomatoes this year!

The irony of this is that the Deadliest Catch is on in five minutes.  Its a new episode so I must watch it.  I’ll have to reconnect the TV, but I will leave it in the corner and disconnect before I go to bed.  At least now I am forcing myself to only watch the shows I like and moderate TV time.


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