Motivation – Where?

Where does motivation come from? Where do people find it? As I enter an early mid-life crisis, I struggle to find motivation. Earlier in life, I had found motivation through school and eventually my primary motivation became making money. Now that I have a decent job and am no longer living paycheck to paycheck, I struggle to find that next big thing. A few weeks ago, that next big thing was the stock market, but a number of bad trades squashed that idea. (yes, I just about gave up on it. I was losing more money than it was worth.)

I am realizing that goals play a large part in motivation. I had never really had goals since my family has always guided me through life. Get the education and a decent job to make good money and that was it. I always laughed at the question of “Where do you see yourself in five to ten years?” Even, “What are you doing this weekend?” makes me smirk. I really took satisfaction in not having preset goals and having the next phase handed to me. But no longer.

A light at the end of the tunnel appeared on a blog that I frequent, The Simple Dollar. The blogger spent most of the week talking about different types of goals, microgoals, short-, middle-, and long-term goals. The key is to be specific but yet realistic. One example of a bad goal is, “I want to buy a car.” This will likely fail since it is too vague. A better would be, “I want to buy a used 2-door coupe that costs $23K by the end of 2007.” This goal tells us specifically what we are looking for, how much it costs so one can calculate how much needs to be saved, and by when the goal should be accomplished.

I think this weekend I will be sitting down and thinking a lot about goals of all time lines. Now that I have not turned on the TV in three days, (I turned it off on Tuesday night at 10pm) I should plenty of time to consider them. It would also be wise for me to use the Getting Things Done method to get goals done.


One thought on “Motivation – Where?

  1. i think motivation comes from inside you, and only inside. external motivation is superficial and temporary. i think our most basic goals in life is happiness and peace. And as long as you continue working towards that, you wont go far wrong. good luck with yr 2-door coupe=P

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