Paper Model “Sikinami” update…

As promised, here are some picks of the paper model that I am putting together that represents a ship called the “Sikinami.” I added the bridge/wheelhouse and it really looks more like a ship! You can totally tell that this is a paper model due to my amateur cutting and gluing techniques. You can also see that the wheelhouse/bridge is flat along the front and not curved like the lower level.  It looks weird but I already glued it and can’t change it.  This is truly an artist interpretation.  But, I do this more for personal satisfaction and entertainment value. I will also try to paint a new diorama for this model.

Sikinami Overview Sikinami Side View Sikinami Frontal View


Anyone have ideas for my next model? I found some more Japanese models that other night while I couldn’t sleep. I would like to do more ferry/passenger vessels.


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