“Sikinami” Paper Model Complete!

I am proud to say that I have completed the Sikinami card model. I think it looks great considering how amateur I am with paper/card models. The antenna got kinked and the radar/sonar drone thing isn’t quite right.
Sikinami Overview Sikinami Side View Sikinami Frontal View Sikinami Overview 2

I think I know why it appears so long; the model was supposed to be printed on A4 paper, but I printed it on US letter. I think when FoxIt Reader stretched the file to fit the paper size, a number of parts became stretched. Hence the modification I had to make to the superstructure. However, I am very pleased.

I am still debating on what my next card/paper model project will be. I am thinking about a locomotive and/or even buying a kit, if I can find one that interests me. A cruise ship seems to pique my interest, but rest assured I will NOT be doing a Titanic kit.


2 thoughts on ““Sikinami” Paper Model Complete!

  1. Your models look really good.
    why wont you make a Titanic Kit
    I think you would get a lot of people downloading it because a Titanic paper Model is very hard to find.
    again good models

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