Texture… a piece art.

Today, when I was out at the pier, I took a picture of the joint between two pieces of wood.  I think it is an amazing picture because it shows the power of texture in a photograph.  On the left is a very old and weathered piece of wood, whereas on the right is a new piece.   The contrast between the two sets the mood and makes for a striking photograph. Here is in black and white.

Wood Texture 1 - B&W

 The angle down the middle is the perfect border between the two and the knot in the weather piece is the perfect anchor. Simple, yet powerful.

But one thing to keep in mind, is that texture photography is not just black and white.  I firmly believe that a new photographer should start learning with black and white and then move into color photography.  Looking at the world without color opens the eye to the frame and seeing beyond color to the structure of the photograph.   Clearly color photography can be as moving, but every photographer should start black and white.

Here is the same photo in color.  To me, it is not as powerful. The color takes away the mood and leaves little to be imagined.  Hovever, the contrast between the dark ocean and the two pieces or wood do add interest to the photo.

 Wood Texture 2 - color

 Which is better?  That is for the individual viewer to decide.  I can’t tell you that black and white is better than color or vice versa.  I do encourage every photographer to experience the photograph for themselves.


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