More motivation…. reactionary types.

I recently took a FranklinCovey course on productivity at work. It was a very eye opening experience. Alot of discussion focused around the differences between being reactive and proactive. The most productive people control their reactive tasks and focus on their priorities, making them far more productive. After all, if you spend your day responding to what others need, you will never get to YOUR priority list.

I think this applies to how one views life and how one takes action in life. Think about it, you can either sit back and react to things in life, or you can go out there and make your own life; be proactive or reactionary. Proactive people are the ones making the money, whereas the reactionary are the ones that are living a tighter. This is a big statement and I will say now that I realize it is not that black and white. Which do you want to be?

It has made me think about my own actions at work and in my life. I will be honest, I have been more reactive lately and this might be a reason why I have been unhappy. I think by being more proactive, I can improve my motivation and happiness. Being more proactive requires me to set clear goals. As I discussed before, goals can also be very motivational. They set the foundation for your actions and also give you consequences for not meeting the goal. If you want to lose weight and want to buy a new computer, setting a goal of losing weight and buying the computer once the goal is met is certainly something that can get you moving. Is it possible to be motivated without goals? Probably, but I think that it depends on the individual.

I will be setting goals and taking a more proactive role in life. It is my life and I want to experience it as I want to experience it. Being a reactionary type sucks…


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