Southern California Wings WWII Aviation Museum

On Saturday I took a drive down south to Camarillo, California and stopped at the WWII aviation museum at Camarillo Airport (KCMA).  The museum is free with a $5 donation and has many things to see. Their artifact museum contains a wide variety of displays including  bombing sights, aerial photography, weapons, and aeronautical navigation. In addition, they have specific displays for important battles during the war featuring vintage newspapers clippings and model aircraft.

Stepping outside, one can walk around the tarmac where many WWII aircraft are parked, including an A6M3 “Zero”, a C-46 “China Doll”, a Convair C-131D,  and a Beech T-34B trainer, amongst others.   Since this is an active restoration museum there are many people around working on the aircraft. On Saturday, the C-131D was under going engine maintenance so the right engine nacelle was open, exposing its P&W R-2800 radial engine (pic below). Just awesome.

Convair C-131D Pratt&Whitney R-2800

The other hanger is open to the public as well.  Here you can see various aircraft under going very extensive restoration.  Their largest project at the moment is a Navy PB-1J “Mitchell” (B-25J for the Navy).  Walking amongst these birds as they are in pieces makes me appreciate the design, engineering, and manufacturing that went into them to make them fly. The Mitchell still has a long ways to go and will many hundreds of thousands of dollars to complete.

Please check them out and pay them visit.  If you can, please send them a small donation to help keep the heritage alive.


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