A new paper model project

I decided to give the ships a rest and build something a tad more personal.  While I was living in Texas a few years back, I visited the home of LBJ’s parents.  It is a dog-run style house with just a few rooms on either side of a breezeway.  Of course, the outhouse is in the back.  Traditionally, dog-run homes were merely two log cabins with a roof adjoining the two and a porch across the front. They were very simplistic and suited the Texas climate perfectly.

During this visit, I was going through a very simplistic phase of life.  I had decided that I didn’t want a big house and would be content with a “tool shed on acreage.” One day, I sat down and sketched a dog-run style house using pre-assembled tool sheds available from your local home improvement store.

Tool Shed Diagram

One of the best things about my design is that the bathroom is “indoors” and my kitchen would make any turn of the century kitchen look ancient. In fact, my kitchen is bigger than the bedroom.  I have not finalized the roof structure yet, but that may take shape as I build the model.  Between the “sheds” will be some type of patio, likely brick will space for plants and a garden.

Some of you may have read my previous posts on motivation.  This “structure” is one of those motivators.  I really want to see this built, whether out of paper or as a real thing. My mind is running wild with the details; the trim, colors, and exact layout. I think the bug has bitten…


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