New Scenery for FS9 … Camarillo Airport KCMA

The day after I spend a few hours flying between Ontario Intl. (KONT) and Camarillo Airport (KCMA) trying to decide whether I like FS9 or FSX better, Jon B. Loney Jr. releases his latest project, scenery for Camarillo Airport. Yesterday, I decided that I preferred FSX over FS9 because the buildings were better represented than in FS9. However, Mr. Loney’s scenery changes all of that. With hangars that open automatically, added roads, and precise building placement with great textures, FS9 is the better choice.

KCMA by Jon B. Loney Jr.

The only issue, is that you have to have numerous scenery libraries installed. One look at the readme file would send any novice user packing, but then a novice user won’t appreciate the detail of this scenery. I installed the major library files but left off the AI and aircraft add-on scenery. Even without all the bells and whistles, this is still one of my favorite sceneries. Al Wheeler’s Central Coast scenery has a perfect compliment.

You can grab the scenery over at Avsim.  Filename: < > Download ID: 103141.


2 thoughts on “New Scenery for FS9 … Camarillo Airport KCMA

  1. Beautiful work, will you be planning an updated version with AFCADS after SP! for FSX comes out?

    Leave a comment on my Blog under SP1 or the other rants, as I don’t check in often.

    Take care and keep up the designs mate!

    Take Care,

  2. Thanks, I agree that the scenery is beautiful. I am not the author of the scenery, so I am not sure if an AFCAD will be released for it.

    In the meantime… downloading SP1 is going to take a while!

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