FSX SP1 – A fix for the patch?

Okay, the download took a long time, which was expected. It only took about 15 minutes to install and ran fine once the installation was complete. I saw a definite improvement in frame rates going from 7 fps to about 13fps on my somewhat antiquated machine. So, I restarted my machine and now FSX tells me I have to activate again. I think I am getting gipped since I would have to use my remaining activation. A third restart (don’t ask me why) brings an error saying that “Flight Simulator was unable to load some program files and will now exit. Please reinstall Flight Simulator to restore or repair the program installation.” oh geez… that took almost two hours the first time. Maybe FS9 is my friend after all. I’ll wait a year or so for Microsoft to patch the patch. Too bad…. Bill Gates strikes yet again!

EDIT: Please review the comments below as Sgt Pepper has some advice on installing SP1.


11 thoughts on “FSX SP1 – A fix for the patch?

  1. It was recommended by Phil to uninstall and delete anything about FSX on your PC. If your run out of keys you just call Microsoft supply the ran-out key and they issue a new one for free. Because they’ve got a record of your PC hardware on their servers since the game first installed on your PC.

    What are your specs anyway?

  2. Thanks for the great tip! I think I will hold off on reinstalling until this weekend since it takes so long.

    My system is somewhat old custom built setup:
    Celeron 2.1Ghz
    1G RAM (PC3200)
    100G HD
    Nvidia 7600GS 512MB

    When I first installed FSX it sucked. Blurry textures, and frame rates around 3fps. I found some performance hacks on avsim and various forums that really helped double the frame rates. SP1 made further improvements in performance.

  3. After looking at that build the best thing you can do right now is go with a new one. I can recommend one that’s under 1200.

    Go to Flightsimworld.com register, go to tech discussion and make a new topic. Use Sgt. Pepper in the topic title at the end and I’ll be able to help you as well as others!

    Celerons are ok, but not made for gaming.

  4. I’ve forgot to add, one major thing people seem to suffer is drops in FPS. Plainly due to installing over FSX.

  5. Thanks Sgt. Pepper! I’ll catchup with you over at flightsimworld.com.

    The Celeron was a temporary buy that never got upgraded. Now it is a tad late.

  6. The fun thing about Celeron’s are is that some of the chip versions have some impressive over clocking capabilities. They make great for photo editing.

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  8. I was trying out FSX on my old machine (P4 3GHz/2GB RAM/BFG 6600OC 256MB) and there was no way I could get over 15fps. If I went down to minium graphics – it was like going back to FS for DOS Ver 5. Really bad.
    Ok…back to FS9 on that machine.
    My new rig is – or I thought it would be good – SLI 2x 8800GTX, Core 2 Duo 6700/ 2GB RAM and fast drives.
    Now….putting graphics to highest possible gives 5 fps.
    I’m back to FS 1.0
    What happened?

    Went down on texture and mesh and get 20fps.
    With SLI? SLI not supported?
    Something must be really wrong.


  9. I’ve seen a wide range of performance increases in various forums. Have you tried any tweaks?

    Before installing SP1, make sure you uninstall FSX.
    Then defrag your HD.
    Install FSX and then install SP1.
    Defrag your HD again.

    I’ve heard people defrag’n their HD every week or two to keep FSX FPS up.

    Now, one thing that I did to get better frame rates was to reduce the size of the textures by about 50%. This is a guaranteed increase, though on higher end systems you will see a degradation of texture quality. When FSX first came out, I came across a file called “batchfiles2.zip” which contained batch files to reduce the texture sizes. I have no idea who the author is, but it looks like they have discontinued distribution.

    My advice would be to put a post in the Technical discussion forum over at Flightsimworld.com. I am sure you can find a lot of people that can help diagnose your issue.

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