An FSX screenshot, with artifact, of course

Just flew the Mooney (my favorite airplane) from Friday Harbor to Arlington (KAWO) and made a beautiful landing enjoying the wonderful environment that FSX has to offer.  I changed to spot plane view and looked back and found that a grey rectangular shape was beaming up from Seattle (See screenshot).  I gets these briefly in FS9, so I am not surprised that they are appearing in FSX.  My video card is new, so it must be a driver or motherboard issue.  Either way, I am due for an upgrade.

Graphic Artifact at KAWO

One thing I did just before leaving Friday Harbor was reduce the tree texture size by 50%.  This seems to have given me about an extra 1-2fps. You will notice on that screenshot that I was getting 8fps, with a max around 13fps.  Earlier this evening, prior to the reduction, I flew from Santa Barbara (KSBA) to Cammarillo (KCMA) and got around 6-7fps and maxing out around 11fps.  I can’t wait to reduce the rest of the textures, I think I can get an extra 5fps!


6 thoughts on “An FSX screenshot, with artifact, of course

  1. My system is a somewhat old custom built setup:
    Celeron 2.1Ghz (currently overclocked at 2.28ghz)
    1G RAM (PC3200)
    100G HD
    Nvidia 7600GS 512MB

    The video card is new, I upgraded from a Geforce2 TI something, something.
    I know I am due for a major upgrade, but I hear that people have gotten FSX to run quite well on older systems with just a few hacks. I have accepted this as my challenge and so far, it looks like I can accomplish the goal.

    So far, I am reducing FSX texture sizes by about 50% using batch files. I have not tested the FPS, so I will report on that over the weekend.

  2. yeah iv got an Athlon 3000 3.00Ghz, 1.5GB of ram and a Nvidia 7600GS and i can run the game on medium-high settings and still get an acceptable frame rate of around 20 to 70 when i’m up at high altitudes. The new service pack microsoft released (1 and 2) sure made a performance difference to the game.

  3. I have just installed FSx on a Core 2 Duo machine – has an older ATI X800 vid card. I am getting similar artifacts to those you have shown. Some very early tests indicate that when I set the scenery settings down lower to “default” they seem to go away. Did you have any success in getting rid of your artifacts?

  4. Unfortunately, I never did fix the issue with that old computer. A few weeks after I posted this, my motherboard blew and I had to buy a new computer. I wonder if the artifacts I saw was an early sign of a failing motherboard as I also occasionally got an artifact in FS9 under heavy scenery load. The computer was really old, almost seven years (it was the latest thing when I built it), and FSX probably overloaded it and sent it to its grave!

    My new computer is an iMac: 2.8 Intel Duo Core, 800G HD, 24″ widescreen, 4G RAM (3G in XP), ATI HD2600 256mb video card.
    Needless to say, no more artifacts and I get about 30fps in FSX under moderate scenery conditions. 😉

    If you are experiencing artifacts, make sure you are running the latest drivers and BIOS for the video card. If the card has a fan, make sure it is clean as proper cooling can make a huge difference. Part of me thinks that the card is just underpowered, though.

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