FSX SP1 – An Update

Here is an update on my FSX situation.

I removed FSX from my system and reinstalled it.  I then installed the patch and have had no problems.  FSX started right up and after adjusting the settings, I was off and flying.  As reported elsewhere, the key is to install the service pack on a fresh installation and then reinstall any add-ons.

Without the performance tweaks I had before, I am getting around 6fps with decent graphics.  I will play around with some settings and see if I can find that sweet spot.  I might even throw a few tweaks back in and see how much more I can improve the frame rates.

Overall, I am extremely impressed with the improvements in FSX SP1.   I will spend more time in it this weekend and possibly post some screen shots for you viewing pleasure.

After I work on that paper model a bit, I might look into upgrading my system and/or overclocking it.


One thought on “FSX SP1 – An Update

  1. Just a quick reminder, The Fiber Frame tweak is useless now as the dual core issue was taken care off. However it’s still good for single core users. If used on a dual core system it could lengthen load times and such.

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