FSX can run “well” on old machines

I spent the last few days resizing FSX SP1 textures by 50%. The biggest batch was the Autogen Ground textures that took almost four hours to downsize. I am happy with the results; I cranked up all the settings in FSX to max and flew from from Friday Harbor to Arlington. Let me say, I was amazed that the flight even started. I got around 3.5fps with occasional stuttering. The water effects and the AI were the big killers, so I turned them down and found a sweet spot that I think I will be happy with while getting about 9fps. The screenshot shows 9.7fps, but I think that is because I had it paused. What’s with the hideous looking forest? I didn’t know the NW was that diverse.

Approach to KAWO

The only issue is that I am flying a Mooney, which has relatively small number of polygons. I will not get the same performance flying over metropolitan areas in an A321. For the heavies, I will stick with FS9. However, my interest in heavies has been diminishing lately, so I don’t think I will miss it much in FSX.

A word of caution, take “run(s) well on old machines” with a grain of salt. My idea of running well might be a joke to the guy running the latest and greatest computer hardware. Good for you… but this is my reality and I say it runs well on my old machine.


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