Becoming a genius…

A number of years ago, my grandmother gave me a book that discussed how you could become a genius just like DaVinci. I was very skeptical of this book, until I started reading it and discovered that I was already doing a lot of the activities discussed in the book. Things like:

1) writing open minded for 10 minutes straight each day
2) concentrating one thing for the entire day (i.e the feel of your pen on your fingers throughout the day or all of the different places you see a particular color during the day.)
3) drawing with your non-writing hand (I am left handed, so drawing with my right takes a lot of concentration).
4) Researching something and then writing an essay on it. (I wrote an essay on alternative fuels when that was at interest. I also wrote a paper on why my boss sucked, which worked out perfectly for me to work better with her/him.)
5) Reading. There is so much to learn in a book.  I have about five that I am currently reading on various topics; from financial planning to Chaco Canyon.

One thing I certainly recall is that geniuses do not watch much TV, if any at all. That really smart family that I went to school with never had a TV and is the perfect example. The older brother graduated from community college the same day he graduated from high school. The younger sister also graduated at the top of her class and went to Harvard, where she graduated in the top 5 of her class. Feel stupid yet?? A number of people who I have worked with that are currently leading international archaeological expeditions do not own a TV. They are handed money from many aid groups without much effort. I think there is something to ditching the TV to become a genius.

After turning off my television, I do feel like my brain has been freed. It is free to use its own imagination for different tasks. Plus I am not bombarded with ads for the latest crap someone thinks I need to buy. Could the end of television lead to the end of consumerism? Oh my gosh… I can feel the genius coming on.


12 thoughts on “Becoming a genius…

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  2. hi. i am planning to be a genius performer, but if i quit tv , that is where i would belong to , i mean entertainment industry yhen how would i learn to know about the current entertainment industry.. Is it not possible to be a genius as an actor in entertainment industry?

  3. watching tv generally doesn’t require much brain activity, so when you stop watching tv you fill the void by thinking more ^^

    to the person above me, don’t know if you’ll read this, but of course it only goes for people who don’t think while watching tv. For example, if while watching a movie you pay attention to the way the actors are acting instead of just ‘watching’ it could very well contribute to your geniusness 😉

    • Thank you for your comments. You make a very valid point in exercising your brain while watching a movie/TV.

      I find myself doing this and absolutely suffered through the latest James Bond film, which lacked any type of plot, story, or anything. There wasn’t much to analyze and I found the “amazing” special effects left me wondering why they bothered with the movie.

  4. hello, thank you for your great advise. I am really intersted in reading that book that you are talking about. Is it ok if you can post the name of the book.thank you

  5. Great post! Personally i think anything is possible with willpower and faith, as god has provided us with the essentials we need to survive, a miracle brain and so much more! =)

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