Home-Made Chili… what’s good?

Lately, I have been getting more into slow cooking meals, such as stews, chilis, and my favorite, chicken marengo. Last weekend, I made a large pot of chili using a recipe I found in the Joy of Cooking. However, being the crazy chef that I am, I aways put a twist on the recipe. Along with the ground beef, I added some Italian sweet sausage and marinated pork (marinade was olive oil, garlic, and chili powder). I will say that these were extremely successful additions, especially the Italian sausage.

What I would like to know is (if you don’t mind sharing), what additions have you made to your chili recipes? What is your trick to making the best chili… you know that chili that you take to the backyard potluck and within a few hours everyone is standing in line for the bathroom type chili?


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