Update: Dog-Trot Toolshed Paper Model

I worked on the dog-trot toolshed “dream” home over the weekend. As you can see in the picture below, I have the boxes for the main “sheds.”

Dog-Trot paper model - phase 2

The one on the right is the sleeping “shed” which will have a twin bed and a writing desk. Directly behind this unit is the carport. In front on the left is the main living “shed” with comfortable couches, kitchen, and an eating space. Directly behind that (the box without the roof that needs to be trimmed) is the utility “shed” which will house the bathroom, HW heater, and laundry. Between the two is a “dog-trot” or patio that will be my outdoor living room. Keep in mind that a roof will cover the entire layout, making them look like one unit.

Here are some example dog-trots: dog-trot1, dog-trot2

Seeing my dream home in its current phase, two things pop into mind:
1 – its small! I think my happiness with this home is going to depend a lot on the land and acreage that I build it on. I wll spending a lot of time outside, so Alaska may not be the most suited place. I was thinking somewhere more like Arizona, Texas, or New Mexico.
2 – It needs a porch along the front. The LBJ home in Texas (one of my favorite dog-trot houses) has a wonderful porch across the front, expanding their living space even further. I am not sure if putting a porch on the front will work with the roof line I have pictured in my mind, but its a model so I can experiment.

Obviously, more updates will come as I start putting together more details and spend more time on the model.

Cheers and Happy Day!

edit 6/10 – fixed broken link on dog-trot2 image


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