Civil War Traveler… a great resource.

As I embarked upon a new saga in which I hope to decide how to use my massive amount of vacation time from work, I came across a really awesome site.  My background is in archeology and I am a pretty big culture/way of life buff.  One thing I was considering was going back east and visit a few significant Civil War sites such as Harper’s Ferry, Gettysburg, and Antietam.

As part of this exploration process, I googled “Civil War Tours” and found a great resource for those who wish to explore the Civil War and its important places.  The site is Civil War Traveler and has tons of information including maps, histories, upcoming events, and now podcasts.   You can browse sites by state and region. You can even search by battle if you have one particular battle in mind.  Each “region” contains information on history, how to get there, and the hours of operation. One feature that I found to be extremely helpful is there Trek page, where they offer information on a 3-day trek based around Frederick, Maryland.   This gave me a great sense how long I should expect to spend at different places and how long it would take to jaunt between them.

Their new podcast section is a great addition. This morning, over breakfast, I listened to the Malvern Hill battlefield tour. It was very interesting and together with the downloaded map, I felt like I was really there.   While the tour guide was a bit repetitive it was very informing and appropriate.  You can download the podcast to you iPod and take it with you to the site.  Having the podcasts available really puts the virtual traveler one step closer to the battlefield.

Overall, the Civil War Traveler is a site that must be on everyone’s list of must visits if they are even halfway interested in the Civil War.  The site is easy to browse, packed full of information, and offers 21st Century features to really connect with the viewer.

My vacation saga continues…  although much more informed about the Civil War.


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