Project Airbus releases A320 v2

Update 26july09:  Project Airbus is on indefinite hiatus and downloads are offline.  I am leaving the links active to should their status change.  The A380 development has been mothballed.

Today is a great day in the flight simulator world. Project Airbus released the second version of their A320 model. Their first model was highly detailed and changed the standard for FS modeling. Version two included dynamic jetwash, parallel bogies, and custom effects for lighting and touchdown. One drawback is that it does not include a virtual cockpit (VC), but it does have wingviews (pic below – lightning over Heathrow). Initial livery releases include mainly European and Pacific airlines, but a slew of JetBlue liveries are scheduled to be released in coming days. For more information, check out their website and forum.

While not designed for FSX, a number of people have successfully ported it over from FS9, aliasing the default FSX A321 panel and sounds. However, this model does not have a VC, which is a turn off for a lot of FSX users. Project Airbus is not supporting FSX, so you are on your own.

Project Airbus BM A320 v2 Project Airbus A320 wingview - Heathrow

7/1 Update – I found a US Airways repaint on Avsim (file name: that has the FSX config files included. The user just needs to replace the FS9 files and the A321 panel and sounds will automatically be aliased. So, I put it in FSX. While the visual model looks awesome, the 2D A321 panel just doesn’t do it for me. In addition, the FDE seems to be screwed up, as I couldn’t get it to slow below 220 knots on approach to Long Beach. I don’t the trouble is worth using this model in FSX. I’ll just have to wait until Project Airbus’s FSX version 3 comes out in a few more years. Assuming they are going to make one! These comments were pilot error, I figured out how to slow it down.  I love this model! 😉

Edit: 07/26/09 – Added update at beginning of post regarding Project Airbus’s status.

Edit: 12/18/07 – updated links to Project Airbus’s new website.


13 thoughts on “Project Airbus releases A320 v2

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  3. Is there any way i can get it in FSX? I never had 2004. Just 2002 and decided to update to FSX. (Had to do some serious upgrade to my system but alllll worth it in my opinion.

  4. Yeah you can port it to FSX. You have two options:

    1) Take any repaint and put it in your Aircraft folder under Simobjects and then alias the A321 default panel and sounds. To do this, open the panel.cfg in the Panel folder and replace “737_400” with “Airbus_A321”. Do the same for the sound.cfg in the Sound folder.

    2) Download a package that is already aliased for FSX. In the post above, I mentioned a US Airways livery that included the FSX modifications.

    • Ryan,

      First, review the the general tutorial at the following website:

      Second, head over to Project Airbus’s website and download the latest FSX mdl file for the variant you are porting. This will help fix issues with the antennas, etc.

      Then, replace the mdl file with the new one before starting FSX. It should be in the Simobjects\Airplanes\PA A320\model folder. (the PA A320 folder will be named differently, but it refers to the aircraft folder)
      That’s it. You should be able to see and fly the PA A3XX in FSX.


  5. Some FSX-ported PAirbus aircraft includes the A321’s VC as well. I’ve been working on merging one with the Airbus Series Vol. 1.

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