Tips for getting things done…

While tools such as David Allen’s theory of Getting Things Done and software like ThinkingRock are wonderful for mapping our to-do lists and daily lives, there is still something missing. Making lists are great, but what happens when you can’t cross anything off that list? You are stuck with a growing list that becomes more daunting while your self-esteem dives and stress level sky rockets. I have been there and it isn’t fun.

However, there is help. There is a great article over at ZenHabits that helps you solve these issues. One of their readers sent a comment to the author discussing the situation above. They have a large to-do list, but for one reason or another, just can’t make progress on it.

The article offers suggestions for dealing with situations such as overload, distractions, being scared of tasks and projects, to the classic I-just-don’t-feel-like-working problem. One of the more basic solutions is to start small. Commit to 5 minutes or merely just starting the project. By starting the project, you get over the largest hurdle and by committing to only 5 minutes, you take the word daunting out of the task.

One of the more interesting solutions to I-just-don’t-feel-like-working is to take a shower. I must admit that I have done this and there is something very refreshing about working on a project after a shower. Another solution the article discusses is taking a walk. For me a brisk walk just before starting a project helps me focus and get the thought train moving.

I encourage everyone who struggles one way or another with starting project/tasks to read this article. At the very least it is an interesting, complimentary read to Getting Things Done. This will help you achieve your goals, become more motivated and live a happier life.


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