A Great New FSX GA released… C177

A great new general aviation aircraft has been released for FSX. The Cessna 177RG Cardinal by Brett Henderson is great to fly and is light on the frame rates. It includes a superb virtual cockpit and sound set. I’ve spent about six hours flying it around SoCal and can say that I look forward to many more hours behind the yoke. The only drawback is that the model does not include a pilot in the cockpit. When in spot plane view, it tends to look like a secret government unmanned weapon than a plane I am flying. Overall, this is a great aircraft that everyone should spend at least a few hours in. You can grab it over at simviation.com.

C177RG by Brett Henderson

A little history of the Cessna 177: In production between 1968 and 1978, it was originally designed to replace the 172 series 4-seat aircraft. Since it was priced higher than the 172 and had less power, it should have been no surprise that sales did not meet expectations. While the 177B and RG models helped it compete in the market place, it never became as popular as the 172. Altogether, 4,295 were produced. (data source: airliners.net)

edit 11/7 – updated link to Simviation


3 thoughts on “A Great New FSX GA released… C177

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  2. Though The Cardinal is a lot of fun, the Panel quality, graphic wise, is very poor i(Vs the Stock and Friendly-Panel 172 SP that I use to fly) Panel night illumination is weak, Taxi & landing lights are unexceptionable , & I had to improve it with 3ed party add on. Panel layout is good as well as the sound. The little Cardinal behave great, easy to maneuver, very responsive, and I wish Brett could put some more time to turn this on into a Perfect one

    • Thank you for your comments.

      I do agree with your critique and would love to see Brett release a Cardinal V2! I find a lot of aircraft have issues with taxi and landing lights, on very rare occasions are they anything near realistic. I have to say that X-Plane landing lights are much better, so I am not sure why it is so hard to get decent lighting in MSFS. Mind if I ask which 3rd party add-on you used?

      A Reality of My Own

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