Fort Tejon, CA part 1

Yesterday, I took the day off from work and took a day trip to Fort Tejon, CA.  Fort Tejon is a 19th century military outpost that was active for years between 1854 to 1864.  The fort fulfilled many local needs such a social and political center, military protection from Indians, and economic center.

Fort Tejon .. south view across the parade groun

The fort today lies just over the Tejon Pass from L.A. along I-5.   As part of the California State Park system, this historic park is a mix of reconstructed buildings and ruins nestled among old oak tress, with about half the fort represented.  The other half lies underneath and across the I-5 freeway.  The Fort Tejon Historical Association provides various historic events throughout the year including Civil War reenactments and living history demonstrations.  See the FTHA website for more details.

Coming soon…  I will review more the park’s history and post some of my own photographs as well.


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