Finding passion… Oh boy!

There is an interesting article about passion over at Yahoo! Finance. It talks about Chris Gardner, who was the focus of the movie “The Pursuit of Happiness.” Mr. Gardner went from being homeless to a multi-millionare stockbroker.  He attributes his success to his passion for being a world-class stockbroker.  His advice to those seeking a new career is to simply be bold enough to find the one thing that you are passionate about.

The author supports Gardner’s position with discussion of Starbucks Chairman Howard Schultz’s passion.  His passion was surprisingly not coffee, but creating a place that treats people with dignity and respect.  Coffee, in the end, was how Schultz made his passion come alive.

While the article touches on many different aspects of passion, the following quote I found best summarizes passion:

“Passion is the foundation of effective communication. Dig deep to discover your core     purpose, your true passion. Once you connect to it, use it as fuel to build a rapport with     your audience…”

I truly believe that passion is the foundation of effective communication.  From your resume, to the job interview, to your presentations at work, passion can make a huge difference in how the audience comes away with your message.  Brian Fagan, one of my old college professors is another wonderful example.

So, go find your passion if you haven’t already.  Once you find it, your life will change. Goals will be easier to meet, your motivation will be more intense and your boss will be impressed.


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