In 1846, it was the Democrat’s unjust war…

In May of 1846, the Democrat lead congress declared war on Mexico, which resulted in the US acquisition of Texas, New Mexico and California. Like today’s Democrats, in 1846, the Whigs stated that President James K. Polk “now favored ‘war, pestilence, and famine.'” The Whigs accused the President of provoking war with Mexico by sending troops across the border. Due to Polk’s poor handling of the war, the Whigs gained 38 seats and control of Congress following the 1846/1847 elections. Interestingly enough, it was Abraham Lincoln who stood up in Congress and demanded to know more about the circumstances that lead the US to declare war on Mexico. While Lincoln was unsuccessful in gathering the truth behind what caused the war, the Whigs did manage a resolution declaring the war “unnecessary and unconstitutionally begun by the President.” (Source: The Battle Cry of Freedom: The Civil War Era by James McPherson, Pgs 49-50)

Does this not mimic our current political situation in this country? Have we learned nothing in 161 years since the Mexican-American war? The only difference now, is that we are fighting an unjust war over oil, back then it was land. I would hate to say it, but I think the American politicians are out to destroy other countries for whatever reason they can, just so Americans can waste gas in their Hummers, live in gigantic climate controlled palaces, and create 3 times more waste per capita than any other country in the world. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It is just wrong when every new generation of politicians take charge and send us to war because they have ego problems. Perhaps Mexico is starting to take back what they lost by sending us their poor farmers. I’ll stop there, thank you for reading.


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