An FSX screenshot…

Today, I flew from SeaTac Airport (KSEA) to Santa Barbara Municipal airport (KSBA) to try out a Horizon Air livery on the default CRJ700.  The flight was uneventful despite the pilot’s lack of experience with the aircraft, despite a botched approached from ATC.  Luckily for the passengers’ health, the autopilot kept the flight pretty smooth.

The major issue came on approach to SBA, runway 7, when ATC cleared us for the approach at FL150 with just 10 miles to the beginning of the glide slope.  Well, we came in too fast and high and ended up going around.  On the second approach, I stick flew the CRJ and will say that is seemed to over-react to my input. It might be my joystick or my settings, but the landing came out quite rough.  I think I woke up all of my passengers when I slammed it onto the runway, making sure everyone knew we were back on terra firma.  Everyone, including the pilot, was extremely pleased when the engines were turned off and the cabin opened.

   FSX Horizon Air SBA

Maybe next week’s flight won’t be as traumatic.  Then again,  maybe not.


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