More FSX screenshots…

After arriving in Santa Barbara the other day, I thought I would put some passengers through a life changing experience and headed up to Portland (KPDX). Luckily for everyone the flight went okay and the landing was a lot smoother. No vomit this time around. Here is a shot of the ‘ol CRJ at the gate in PDX.

CJR700 at PDX

Well, after hangin out at PDX for a bit, I grabbed my favorite FSX airplane, the Cessna 177RG and headed up the Columbia River Gorge.  Of course I grabbed a shot looking back over PDX.

C177RG View of PDX

Here’s a shot looking back toward Portland as I pass over the Cascade Locks.

C177RG over KCZK

 Finally, I landed at Hanel Field.  The FSX version is no where near as cool as the FS9 add-on version I downloaded from hovercontrol a while back.

C177RG at Hanel Field

Happy flying!


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