New Fire Base Camp setup in Santa Barbara!

With the emerging threat of the Zaca fire crossing the ridge above Santa Barbara and Montecito, fire officials established a new base camp at the Earl Warren Showgrounds. About 200 firefighters make up 20 structure protection units should the fire continue to move toward civilization.

While the fire is still 9 miles away from the Cold Spring Tavern, firefighters wrapped the historic tavern in protective material.  While the wrap cost the owner’s $80,000 (fox11 news), the owner say it is well worth it to protect the historic structure. (article)

The Zaca is expected to exceed 70,000 acres tonight.  If you live in the foothills above Santa Barbara, you should be taking precationary steps toward evacuating.  Make a grab’n’go bag with cash, important documents and phone numbers, and of course be ready to round up any pets.

For more information, visit the Zaca Fire site.  There is also more information and a Google Earth download at the Cal-Fire blog.


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