“Fire Command Considers Burning Out Backcountry.”

Wow. You know the time is desperate when they announce such action. The full article is over at the Independent’s website and more maps over at the Cal-Fire blog. I am cautious about their back burn as in the past back burns have gotten out of control. My friend lives on Mountain Drive in Montecito and he is expressing concern over this decision. However, fire officials believe this is the best way to protect communities from the fire. There is a lively discussion over at the Indy’s site where the article was first posted.

*Note the different between the Independent’s article and that posted on the Cal-Fire blog. “Considering” and “decided” are clearly two different stances. I am watching a video of the 8/10 Town Hall Meeting in Santa Barbara now, so hopefully the back burn will be mentioned. I’ll update soon.

UPDATE:  The backfire will happen.  The primary line has been established and back burning could begin soon.  Officials at the Town Meeting in Santa Barbara tonight say they are going on the offensive to protect Camino Cielo and greater Santa Barbara.


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