Allied FS Group (AFG) releases King Air 300

Update: Nov 13, 2011: AFG’s website is down.  The links to their website in this post will not work.  I will leave them up for now with the hopes AFG comes back.  You can download the B300 and 1.01 update from Simvation (here).

Allied FS Group (AFG) just released their Raytheon/Beech King Air B300 and it is beautiful. From the exterior model to the sounds, it is just awesome. It was designed for use in FS9 and has not been tested in FSX. For more information, visit the AFG site or AFG forum. If you want to get right to the goodies, you download it from here.

If you enjoy their B300, stay tuned for AFG’s Caravelle, which is coming at some point in the future.

EDIT: See comment below regarding AFG’s recent B300 update. Current version is 1.01. or Click here

Edit: The following links contain files and information on how to use the King Air in FSX. Link1 Link2


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