A Simple Productivity Tip…

A while back I had read a post over at Lifehacker that really intrigued me.  The post talked a productivity tip from Jerry Seinfeld.  The thing was, it was so simple, I had a major Duh! moment. Jerry’s tip was to take a wall calendar with the entire year on it and put it on a prominent wall.  Then take a big red marker and cross out the day everytime he accomplished a task like writing daily. Each time he crossed off a date, he extended a chain of red marks.  The key is not to break the chain.  Simple?  Yep!

For me, my task was to not have more than one cup of decaf coffee per day.  I printed out a calendar I found on the internet, and have been building my chain ever since.  This would be useful for reaching your goals and/or trying to learn something, like SQL.  If I spend 30 minutes each day  studying SQL, then after a few months, I would not only have an impressive chain on my calendar, but I would also have a pretty grasp of SQL.

This would be good for those that are trying to get out of debt and are on a tight budget.  Did you make your budget for that day?  Yes, build the chain.  If not, you broke your chain and have to start all over again.

I encourage everyone to try it.  It is quite motivating!


2 thoughts on “A Simple Productivity Tip…

  1. Awesome… No one masters anything overnight, so using this to motivate those baby steps is great for self-improvement.


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