Zagat’s 2007 Fast Food Survey

I am sitting in a hotel room looking up something that I found to quite intriguing.  When I was in Grants Pass, Oregon at a Dairy Queen waiting for my Blizzard and a cheeseburger, I noticed a sign on the wall bragging about their frosty taking top honors in Zagat’s 2007 Fast Food Survey.  I couldn’t believe my eyes…  someone actually rates fast food?  Of course, there must be as fast food is a multi-billion dollar industry. So I decided to look it up and see what they said about my favorite fast food joint.

Here are some highlights concerning the survey, but I encourage everyone to go over to their website and download the actual survey.  Taking top honors for food among the “mega-chains” is Wendy’s, followed by Subway.  However, their ratings are reversed when it comes to service, surveyors say that Subway has better service than Wendy’s. This is interesting since the last time I went in to a Subway, I had to order my sub in spanish as no one spoke English.   So, I have to disagree, Wendy’s has far better service than Subway, in my opinion. However, Subway was rated as the healthiest choice by surveyors.

One my of favorites, Dairy Queen, tied for third place for food with Pizza Hut, despite rating them low for facilities. Taco Bell, one of my personal best value selections for their chicken soft tacos al fresco, managed to pull into the “good to very good” food rating with a score of 16. However, an overall score of 13, puts it in the “fair to good” category.   In Zagat’s write-up, they refer to Taco Bell as the “Chef Boyardee of Mexican-inspired fast food.”  Hmmm…

Clearly, everyone’s experiences will differ across geographical location and personal taste. If you are on a health kick, please refer to the restaurant’s nutrition information.  I saw a number of patrons at a McDonald’s in Salem, Oregon using this information to make a smart decision for their next meal.  If you are a frugal type, then Wendy’s would not be as good of a choice as either McDonald’s or Taco Bell that have an extra cheap “value menu” to choose from. Good luck…  may the force be with you.


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