Tough weekend!

This weekend has been an endless experience coping with endless mishaps and near misses.

1) I am house-sitting this weekend and I think the cats hate me.  They are urinating and defecating all over the house.  This happened a few months ago, so much of the furniture is still covered in plastic.  Before the home owner left, she assured me there have been no recent incidents and there is nothing to worry about. However, the cat strikes again.  I wonder if this behavior is due to the cats showing their dissatisfaction with her leaving and me coming on duty.  I can’t wait until the home owner gets back on Monday!

2) Whenever I am driving somewhere, some airhead isn’t paying attention and either cuts me off, turns right in front of me, or just tries to run me off the road.  Do they not see me?  Am I the one that doesn’t get it?

3) My “old” PC died.  No more games or major graphics until I get a replacement. I custom-built it in 2002 and it was top of the line then.  It has been through thick and thin and crossed the US twice.   I already miss it, especially flight simulator. RIP old friend.  I will say that I am not going to build another PC and will replace it with an iMac.

4) It is hot.  For autumn, we are still quite warm.  I have been ready for winter ever since the beginning of summer.  Taking a vacation up to the Pacific Northwest made me appreciate the cooler temperatures.

However, it wasn’t all a bust.  First, I opened my INGDirect Orange savings account today.  This is one important step toward financial freedom, saying goodbye to debt, and planning for the future.  It is nice to accomplish a goal!

Second, I got a new job.  I am with the same company and same department, but am taking a new position with more responsibility doing more or less what I do now.  Of course, the pay is much, much nicer.  The downside is that my commute is going to get longer as I have to move to a building farther away from home!




 When POSKY released their ExpressJet ERJ145XR, I decided it was time to install it in FSX and see how it worked. I decided to fly it from Chicago O’Hare (ORD) to Los Angeles Intl (LAX), using real world weather.

At the gate, the model looked fantastic. The stairs are a great touch and the interior detail is even sweeter. After finishing endless amounts of paperwork and completing the checks, we taxied out for takeoff. The plane behaved well and the throttles weren’t too over sensitive. Once cleared for takeoff, I pushed the throttles forward and ERJ effortlessly left the asphalt.

ERJ145XR ExpressJet ORD

Once vectored out of the greater Chicago area, we continued our ascent to 38,000 feet.

ERJ145XR ExpressJet Climbing

Luckily the flight was uneventful and a great time was had by all. Shortly after we reached cruising altitude, everyone settled back and watched the in-flight movie. Approaching Palm Springs, we began our descent into Los Angeles.

ERJ145XR ExpressJet Descent1

As we turned toward final for 24R, we all took in the sunset.

ERJ145XR ExpressJet Descent2

On short final, the ERJ was so well behaved that I touched the tarmac so lightly that I wondered if we even touched down.

ERJ145XR ExpressJet Short Final

Taxiing to the gate seemed to take forever as LAX is quite large and we landed on the farthest runway from our gate. However, at the gate I was able to take in the beauty of this fine bird in the evening light. Simply awesome.

ERJ145XR ExpressJet LAX

Overall, POSKY’s ERJ worked flawlessly in FSX. I would recommend downloading the FSX panel for it. I aliased the A321 panel and sound, which didn’t quite fit this aircraft. But that didn’t detract from the superior model and behaved FDE.

Here’s one last shot of the United Express ERJ145LR at KSAT, gate 16 in FS2004/FS9.

ERJ145LR San Antonio Gate 16


Update 1/6 – Over the Holidays, POSKY released an add-on that includes a wonderful virtual cockpit for their ERJ family. Please visit the download section of their site to acquire the files.

Ugh, life! Where are you going?

I found one of those classic, what’s the meaning of life posts over at The post, titled Where am I going? Putting Your Life in Context, is quite intriguing as it outline three phases of life, learning, earning, and yearning.

I won’t spoil it for you, but I will say that making the right choices early in life can make a huge difference later.
Reality bites. This ($ecurity) can require sublimating the dreams of youth as a life of routine takes over.
This supports my theory that even the lowest man on the totem pole can make the right decisions and live a happy, prosperous life.

Check out the article here.

Timeless door, photograph

 My goal by the end of this year is to visit each of the California missions. I think there are 28 in all.  As part of this goal, is to photograph as many doors as possible.  They seem like portals to a whole different life.  Well, here is one of my favorites from a recently visit to the Santa Barbara Mission.  I love that deep red color with the aqua color trim.

Santa Barbara Mission Door


Are you a visitor from

Recently, I have been getting a lot of hits from a URL with the domain If you are a visitor from this site, please identify yourself (leave a comment on this post). I would appreciate it if you can leave some info as to how you got to the aformentioned URL. The world is curious.

This seems to be a survey site asking your opinion of my blog, so just say this blog rocks and all the others suck. To Make the survey responses more consistent here are the easy answers:

Question #1: Lifestyle, the key to this blog is to give more information about living a enjoyable, productive, efficient, and fun life:

Question #2: Personal, since I do talk about myself. Afterall, this is MYOWNREALITY!

Questions#3: Primarily male, since I am a man!
Age: Make sure to check 18-24 and 25-34 as that is who I think reads this blog.

Thank you and I hope this post has made the survey waste less of your time.