Senator Larry Craig arrested for a foot tap?

I recently listened to the post arrest interview of Senator Larry Craig and Sgt Dave Karsnia, and I must the whole thing is so stupid. The recording lasts a number of minutes and almost the whole time the two men argue about their interpretation of what occurred. Did their feet tap? Yes, both agree. Did Senator Craig then signal Sgt Karsnia for sex? This is disputed. Sgt. Karsnia claims that Senator Craig used his left hand to rub the bottom of the stall and that he could see his gold ring. Senator Craig denies this, as he is a wide person and would be difficult for him to reach over and down to perform such action. While Craig admits reaching down to pick up a piece of toilet paper with his right hand, Craig swears he has never solicited for sex.

The one thing that really stood out to me was how respectful Senator Craig was during the interview, whereas Sgt Karsnia was quite disrespectful and tried many different tactics to force a confession out of Craig. Sgt Karsnia was clearly putting words in Craig’s mouth. This really makes me wonder how much of an art police officers have mastered in entrapping innocent people. Senator Craig is clearly a victim that has been abused by a predatory officer that has a history of entrapment.

I can’t believe it is against the law to tap someone’s foot in a men’s room. What has America come to? I will certainly be careful when I use a public restroom. You never know when there is an over-zealous officer sitting in the stall next to you waiting to entrap you. Sheesh!


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