Cool… POSKY released their Embraer ERJ!

The surprise of the weekend comes from Project Opensky (POSKY) who just released their Embraer ERJ145LR and ERJ145XR. This model has been in the works for many, many months and is simply superb. Future releases will include other ERJ models and a Legacy 600. Read the official announcement here.

Initial release liveries include, but is not limited to, US Airways, United Express, Delta Connection, Air France, LOT, and KLM excel. More liveries will be released as they are available.

Like all of POSKY’s models, FSX is currently not supported, although the models may work to some degree.

Happy flying!

Edit 9/10 – there is a panel for FSX on avsim. Look for file name: Download ID: 109403
Users that flew the ERJ in FSX say it works fine!

For FS9 and the default Learjet panel doesn’t suit you, you need to use Bill Grabowski’s panel which is hosted over at FSnordic.


9 thoughts on “Cool… POSKY released their Embraer ERJ!

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  2. Not sure if you sell model of Delta Connection ERJ-145XR or not. If not sorry to bother you; if yes, please advise scale (inches even better) and price; or, tell me who does sell such a model, if anyone. Am just back from Iraq and overwhelmed by all the model web sites. Am looking for my son’s Christmas present; he’s an FO on this flying machine. My sincere thanks, bill gresslin

  3. Hi Bill,

    I do not sell aircraft models on this site. I just report news related to virtual models for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

    I spent some time on Google to see if I can strike gold for you, but no such luck. I did find that specializes in desktop models of regional jets in scales from 1:72 to 1:150. The only ERJ-145XR they have is Continental Express, but they say they can custom paint the model. If your son flies a particular aircraft and you have the tail number, they should be able to paint that specific aircraft. Prices seem to range from $100-$300 depending on scale etc. This is all information I gathered from their website and may not be totally representative. Please click on the link above and contact them for more information. In no way am I am affiliated with that site.


  4. I really like this product. In fact, is the only aircraft I own from The Open Sky Project Team. Great blog by the way!!

  5. Hello there.

    I just found your blog and since you are a Project Open Sky fan well, I thought that I should mention that the Legacy 600 is now available. You will certainly appreciate.

    Happy flights… and landings. 😉

    Samy Fay (Posky painter)

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