Paper/Card Model ship directory!

For all of you, like myself, that spend a lot of time surfing the net for free card/paper ship models, I found the crown jewel! An Asian site called 3D Papermodel, has a seven page directory of free paper/card model ships!  While, I will warn you that some of the links no longer work, a majority of them do.  Plus the site has links to all kinds of free models.  Go knock yourself out!

The link below will take you to the main page, for the list of ships, please click “ships” on the left navigation bar.

3D Papermodel

edit 10/16 – Bill Wills describes some great sites in his comment below.  Please check it out for some additional models!   Thanks Bill!


6 thoughts on “Paper/Card Model ship directory!

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  2. thank you for your info am former merchant mariner in vietnam am still on active duty i love making small ships in bottles as well as freighters cruise ships
    thanks again


  3. Try

    It is more up to date with new models not listed on 3D papermodel net , that hasn’t added anything to its list since July 2007

    Canon has five tall ships on its site at
    Listed under Vehicles: Cutty Sark, Esmeralda, Sagres 2, Nippon Maru, and Akogare that are not listed at all on 3D papermodel net

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