When POSKY released their ExpressJet ERJ145XR, I decided it was time to install it in FSX and see how it worked. I decided to fly it from Chicago O’Hare (ORD) to Los Angeles Intl (LAX), using real world weather.

At the gate, the model looked fantastic. The stairs are a great touch and the interior detail is even sweeter. After finishing endless amounts of paperwork and completing the checks, we taxied out for takeoff. The plane behaved well and the throttles weren’t too over sensitive. Once cleared for takeoff, I pushed the throttles forward and ERJ effortlessly left the asphalt.

ERJ145XR ExpressJet ORD

Once vectored out of the greater Chicago area, we continued our ascent to 38,000 feet.

ERJ145XR ExpressJet Climbing

Luckily the flight was uneventful and a great time was had by all. Shortly after we reached cruising altitude, everyone settled back and watched the in-flight movie. Approaching Palm Springs, we began our descent into Los Angeles.

ERJ145XR ExpressJet Descent1

As we turned toward final for 24R, we all took in the sunset.

ERJ145XR ExpressJet Descent2

On short final, the ERJ was so well behaved that I touched the tarmac so lightly that I wondered if we even touched down.

ERJ145XR ExpressJet Short Final

Taxiing to the gate seemed to take forever as LAX is quite large and we landed on the farthest runway from our gate. However, at the gate I was able to take in the beauty of this fine bird in the evening light. Simply awesome.

ERJ145XR ExpressJet LAX

Overall, POSKY’s ERJ worked flawlessly in FSX. I would recommend downloading the FSX panel for it. I aliased the A321 panel and sound, which didn’t quite fit this aircraft. But that didn’t detract from the superior model and behaved FDE.

Here’s one last shot of the United Express ERJ145LR at KSAT, gate 16 in FS2004/FS9.

ERJ145LR San Antonio Gate 16


Update 1/6 – Over the Holidays, POSKY released an add-on that includes a wonderful virtual cockpit for their ERJ family. Please visit the download section of their site to acquire the files.


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