Those pesky receipts…

The other night I was thinking about my large piles of receipts.  Really… I have numerous types of piles too.  I have a stack of overstuffed envelopes, a chinese takeout box overflowing and my “inbox” has some that linger, too.  What the heck do you do with all of them?  Well, I found an interesting discussion of receipt “systems’ over at, where the blogger posted the same question.  You must read the comments before you continue!

After reading them, it is clear that my collection habit is pretty good, but could use some more discipline.  Only collecting about 95% of the receipts is not good enough since its that other 5% that I usually have a question about.  But what I realized is that the problem is with what you do after you reconcile them.  I really don’t have an effective filing system for receipts, let alone knowing which ones to keep and toss.  I might give some of the techniques posted a try.  Afterall, I really need to be tracking every cent before I can really start getting ahead.


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