Celebrating 12,000 views!

Hi All!

Today I am celebrating. Since its conception in February, arealityofmyown has been sharing events around his life. From hobbies like flight simulator and paper models, to art and even rants, there is a little bit of everything within this reality. I just want to say Thank You! to everyone who visited this blog and made it was it is today.


Celebrating 12,000

The top 10 posts of the last 30 days are:

FSX SP1 – A fix for the patch?
Project Airbus releases A320 v2
Paper/Card Model ship directory!
Allied FS Group (AFG) releases King Air
New Cessna 150 model is out…
New FSX/FS9 light-sport aircraft is out.
Are you a visitor from mymt2k.com???
Flight Simulator Surprises… Vought Co
A few paper models….
“Sikinami” Paper Model Complete!

Clearly flight simmers are my top visitors. Who can forget the saga around FSX SP1? And Project Airbus’s A320 v2 release was a long-awaited release with many people waiting upwards of two years for it!

Its interesting that the second “category” is paper/card models. The Ship Directory post has only been up for a few weeks and it is already number 3 of posts in the last 30 days. I know there are a lot of people out there looking for good and “free” paper ship models. I am honored that I can point them in the right direction.

This blog has been very motivating for me. It gives me the opportunity to share some of my experiences with the rest of the world. From my art and photography to recipe experiments, this is the true, strange me.

With 12,000 views down and just shy of 100 posts, I feel arealityofmyown is just getting started. I think I will post more finance and productivity information. Of course, I will continue to keep everyone up to date on the latest flight sim news and how my latest paper model is coming along.

Thank you all!



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