Net Worth, as of October 2007

I finally bit the bullet and forced myself to sit down and calculate my net worth. After tallying both of my credit cards, student loans, and various retirement accounts, I have a number and it was not as painful as I thought.

Net Worth = -$13,526.46

Yeah, its negative, but you know, I am not as bad as other people I have seen. Most of this is student loan debt with a 1.75% interest rate. My projections indicate that at the current rate of payments, I will eliminate all debt in 3.42 years! Hopefully with proper budgeting and a little discipline I will be able to eliminate it sooner. All it takes is simple motivation.

One note, the average net worth for someone of my age is $2,125. That means that I am $15,652 below average. Man… that sucks. Welcome to my reality!!


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