Tim Ferriss on Productivity

This post by Michael Martine has been hitting some major sites, in particular LifeHacker.  Tim Ferriss, the author of The 4-Hour Work Week, discusses productivity in this video snippet.  He discusses some of the same things that I took away from the FranklinCovey time management course at work.  Things like using email, being proactive, and even out-sourcing tasks to free up your proactive time.  I thought it was a great summary to get someone started being more productive and perhaps even more motivated.

For something more interesting, please read the comments at both Martine’s blog and Lifehacker.  They make a really interesting discussion.  As WVWalt asks at Lifehacker, Does the 4-hour work week really apply to 9-5’ers with kids, a few hobbies, and some volunteer work?  I don’t know, I really think it depends on whether or not you need a “system” for handling it all and achieving your goals.


3 thoughts on “Tim Ferriss on Productivity

  1. Thanks Eva! I fully agree. There is no one package that applies to everyone. I’ve taken a few things away from the FranklinCovery course, but I will admit that some of it just doesn’t work for me.

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