Shocking Ocean Trash Dump!

I saw an interesting thing on TV the other day.  I don’t recall the name of the program, but it was on PBS.  It was talking about how a lot of trash is ending up the ocean and in one remote region.  While I thought it was just another environmental scare-isode, I was shocked to hear what they were pulling out of this area.   Please read a related article I found over here (caution! disturbing picture).  The main problem is with plastics.  Trash of yester-year would biodegrade and not pose a problem.  Since today’s lifestyle is so focused around using lightweight plastics for just about everything, they end up in the ocean for years and years and years. It just keeps collecting and poses a serious threat to the health of our oceans.

I hope everyone walks away from the above article with a much different look at plastics.  I really think that there is something to be said for more organic materials.


One thought on “Shocking Ocean Trash Dump!

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