A Self-Help Junky’s Library

I was reading some posts over at The Simple Dollar (TSD) today and stumbled upon a golden jem of self-help books.  I am not sure whether it is my interest in human behavior or that I am a helpless cause, but I am always reading some type of self-help book.  From Larry Winget’s, “Shutup, Stop Whining, and Get a Life” to “Syndrome-X: The Silent Killer” by Reaven, et al, I think I have got just about every aspect of life covered.  The odd thing is that I need more!  Which made me so happy to read this post on TSD today: Building a Personal Productivity and Development Library: What’s Essential, What Isn’t. 

While the only book that I am familiar with on TSD’s “Essential” list is Getting Things Done, I found it interesting that they had two books that I am familiar with on their “Not So Good” list.  The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People has been considered a classic for business professionals.  While TSD found that it didn’t connect with its readers, I think new professionals just leaving high school and stepping out into the real world should at least give it a peruse. Now, The 8th Habit, I think does deserve to be on this list as it is a horrible follow-up to Covey’s original.

Anyway, check out the post above and start building your library.  If you know of any particular books that you found helpful or essential, leave me a comment as I would love to check them out!


2 thoughts on “A Self-Help Junky’s Library

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