Components of 21st Century Success

While I was in Texas, I spent a fair amount of time contemplating what success is. Prior to this, I had struggled through college and rushed into a job to pay the bills and found it extremely difficult to find work in my field. I was demoralized. Heck, I couldn’t even get a basic retail job in Texas. So, I started a period of serious reflection and thought hard about what success is and what life was about. More specifically, I formulated the following question which I thought was key:

“What factors are important to living a healthy lifestyle, both mentally and physically, while being successful in the 21st century?”

In July 2005 I made a number of mind maps focused around this topic. The mind map below is a high level look at the basic components of what I felt made success for someone living in the 21st Century. From being in good mental and physical condition to networking with the right people, these are the basic components as I saw them in 2005. This is a reproduction from my notes using a program called Freemind. (click below for the larger image).

21st Century Success

Looking at it today, I think I would add a sustainability component along with a mention of goals and the role of music. If you have any feedback regarding the map, please feel free to comment or email me. Note that the above mind map is not to be reproduced without my written permission.



5 thoughts on “Components of 21st Century Success

  1. Good strategy. One thing I’ve always tried to remind myself is that many places I would like to see are just off the map. The truth is that we are designed to march off the map! Many things we want to know are just out of sight or a little beyond our reach. No-limit thinking allows us to break-through beyond the borders of our own thinking.

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  3. Thank you for the comments!

    I am always discourage by people that limit themselves to existing within a box. In fact, they frustrate the hell out of me. For me, thinking about what could be and then finding creative ways to make it happen, motivate me. Clearly there is not a single answer that applies to everyone. That is probably why there are thousands of self-help books out there.

  4. Yeah, I know how you feel, where I come from there aren’t many people that even have the slightest clue what the imagination is capable of, then again I guess mankind has yet to see this itself. As for the self help, I think now more than ever there is a great need for it, books are good but in my mind nothing beats people helping people, provided they are truely helping and not just trying to serve their own desires! Take Care

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