Santa Barbara is a dust bowl!

I spent the day down in Santa Barbara, or at least intended to.  I knew SoCal was in a major drought, but I never knew it was this bad.  When I arrived in Santa Barbara, looming above the foothills was what appeared to be smog but was really dust being blown over the hills from the Zaca Fire burn area.  Later in the afternoon, that dust covered almost the entire city, making it difficult to breathe and dropping dark brown dirt on top of everything!  To make matters worse, the winds severely kicked up, gusting to well above 60mph turning Santa Barbara into a huge sandblaster.    Needless to say, I didn’t stick around for the grand finale.  Driving north on the 101 was quite treacherous as well.  I am sure SB lost many $$$$ since tourists were forced to enjoy the Dust Bowl rather than Paradise.  Let’s all start dancing the rain dance and hope that Santa Barbara does not get blown off the map!  Let’s hope that those idiots that allegedly started the Zaca Fire get whats coming to them.

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