Words of Wisdom on Choice

I recently ordered an olive oil camp light from Lehman’s online store. I had been looking for an oil lamp for my disaster kit and decided on olive oil as a fuel since it burns totally clean, is quite bright compared to other oils and fats and can be grown on my own property. For $15, I am quite satisfied.

As part of my education about olive oil lamps, which have been used since the dawn of civilization, I also purchased a small booklet titled I Didn’t Know That Olive Oil Would Burn! by Merry Bickers. It is a wonderful guide to burning olive oil and also discusses other oils that can be burned in placed of olive oil, such as canola oil.

Even though I learned a lot about using olive oil as a fuel, this book ended with a captivating summary of our choice. On the last page, one paragraphed gripped me as it so eloquently described the situation that our society faces. From the book:

“People being the creatures of pleasure and comfort that they are, we believe it would be unreasonable to advocate the abandonment of petroleum and electrical lighting in favor of olive oil and other more earth-friendly light fuels. We do believe that everyone should learn about and think about the impact that technology has upon our world and consider how they can change their own habits to the betterment of our environment. Environmental decline is not the result of someone else’s corruption, but the sum total of all of our actions. We should think about how we are sold a lifestyle not because it benefits us, but because it speaks to our weaker natures, our willingness to follow rather than lead, and because it makes someone wealthy.”

Wow these very points have been on my mind for the past few months as I struggle with removing consumerism from my life. I no longer wish to be “sold a lifestyle” and want to do what I can to respect the earth that gives us life and appreciate the life I have without the constant corruption of false wants and peer pressure. These words are wisdom and sooner or later, the world will have to choose.

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