Halloween 2007 Pumpkin carving

It has been years since I carved a pumpkin.  When I went off to college, I never had the chance and I now live in a place where trick or treaters would have to be on drugs to walk around begging for candy. But, this year I decided to participate in the pumpkin carving contest at work.

After thinking long and hard about what to carve, I decided to just start with the mouth and go from there.  So after carving the mouth, I came up with the concept of Mr Datahead.  Mr Datahead has a chart on his head.  Making the chart was a little easier than I thought and the eyes are part of a template I found online somewhere. The asparagus coming out of his head was an after thought that shouldn’t have been.  Oh well! While the concept is better than the reality, I do like him.

Mr Datahead 2007

I guess I should start planning for next year’s contest.


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