Sweeeet! A BAe146 for FS9/X!

Coming soon to Historic Jetliners Group (HJG) is the BAe146 series, a joint project between HJG, Jon Murchison, and Matthias Lieberecht. More information is available >here<. While there is not release date, the FS9 versions will be released through HJG’s website and the FSX versions will be released through Jon’s website. Let’s all be very patient and maybe they will release it a little quicker!

11/18 UPDATE: On the HJG download page, they posted a notice that the -300 model will be out within the next week.

11/24 UPDATE:  The BAe146-300/QT has been released.  Available at the links above.


7 thoughts on “Sweeeet! A BAe146 for FS9/X!

  1. I’ve just download it from HJG download page. this maybe a updated version.
    I do have a wing view but no VC. I could settle for that. I can’t wait to do a check ride on her. I’ll post a screenie of the wing view tonight.

    Thanx again for the Info:

  2. That’s cool. I would prefer the wingview over the virtual cabin. I am bummed about the lack of virtual cockpit, as that is where I find myself flying most these days. Virtual cabins don’t make sense to me… the fun is in the cockpit.

    I think they did release a second version a few weeks after the first. The version I have is the first.

  3. Sorry for the late reply. I took a check ride and it was splendid. Handling was good enough to stay in my hangar.



    I hope the image show up. If not just paste and copy.

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